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What Is The Form Of Fittings For Instrument Tube Fitting?

Oct 20, 2017

The Instrument Tube Fitting is used in the pipe connection or control system. The use of the three-valve group for the direction of the pipe, the branch of the pipe or the pipe of the pipe of different sizes, the use of the environment is far more stringent than the straight pipe. The material used for the pipe can be pipe, plate, forgings, castings, bars and profiles Wait. Processing and production available welding, stamping, casting or forging and other methods. Usually, the material of the pipe, the thickness depends on the use of pipe materials, shape, size, and the delivery of fluid medium, pressure and other factors. Instrument Tube Fitting are card sets of pipe joints, welded pipe joints, flare-type pipe joints, threaded pipe joints, union, a variety of automatic control Instrument Tube Fitting accessories. Which also includes: end welded rubber hose connector, internal thread metal hose connector, metal hose connector, internal thread tee fitting, internal thread bending joint, socket welding three links, socket welding three links, socket Welding through the joints, socket welding different diameter joints, series of automatic control Instrument Tube Fitting accessories, three valve group.

1. Instrument Tube Fitting use characteristics. (Valve, valve, valve, valve, etc.); valve type Main parts (valve body, bonnet, stem, disc, sealing surface) of the material; valve drive mode.

2. Instrument Tube Fitting structure characteristics. The pipe fittings determine the structural characteristics of the pipe fittings, such as the structural length and the overall height, and the connection form (flange connection, screw connection, clamp connection, Screw connection, welding end connection, etc.); sealing surface form (ring, thread, welding, spray welding, body body); stem structure (rotating rod, lift rod) and so on.