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Three Valves Structure Principle

Valves are made up of body, two stop valves and a balanced valve. Differential pressure transmitter into operation when the operating procedure: first of all, turn on differential pressure transmitters the two drain valve, then open balance valve, and then gradually turn two stop valves, air pressure tube cleaning out or the dirt, close two sewage valve, close the balancing valves, transmitters can be put into operation. Differential pressure transmitters the zero point calibration procedure: first open balance valve, close the two valves, the transmitter stops zero-point calibration

Five-valve using steps:

1. close the positive and negative pressure valve, open balance valve, close the drain valve. Steam logging to ensure that the condensate tube has enough pressure.

2. slow turn over pressure valve, so that the positive and negative side diaphragm average compression.

3. positive pressure after the valve, close the balancing valve.

4. slowly open negative pressure valve.

Stopwatches steps: turn off the taps, balanced valve must be opened and closed negative pressure, open the drain valve vent.