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The Working Principle Of Instrument Tube Fitting

May 31, 2017

The Instrument Tube Fitting pipe is used in the pipe connection or control system. Which is used for the direction of the pipeline changes, the pipeline branch or pipe of different sizes of pipe fittings, the use of the environment than the straight pipe to be harsh, pipe fittings can be used in the pipe material, sheet, forgings, castings, bars and profiles. Processing and production available welding, stamping, casting or forging and other methods. Usually, the material of the pipe, the thickness depends on the use of pipe material, shape, size, and the delivery of fluid medium, pressure and other factors.

Instrument Tube Fitting of the steel card sets of pipe joints with a fastening, high pressure resistance, sealing and repeatability, easy installation and maintenance, safe and reliable work and so on. Its working principle is to insert the steel pipe into the card holder, the use of the sleeve nut lock, against the card sets, cut into the tube and sealed. It is connected with the steel pipe without welding, is conducive to fire, explosion and high altitude operations, and to eliminate the drawbacks of welding accidentally. So it is refining, chemical and other systems-controlled device pipeline in a more advanced connector.

1, the development of Instrument Tube Fitting

Instrument Tube Fitting: focus on the development of field bus technology based on the main control system devices and intelligent Instrument Tube Fitting, special and special automation instrument; fully expand the service area, to promote the Instrument Tube Fitting system of digital, intelligent, network, complete automation instrument from the simulation technology to Digital technology changes, 5 years, the proportion of digital instruments to reach more than 60%; accelerate with independent intellectual property rights of the automation software commercialization.

2, instrument pipe fitting on the automatic control and detection technology requirements

With the development of economy and technology, the requirements for automated control and detection technology are increasing, resulting in a large number of new technologies and new products for automated control and detection, such as functional safety technology and safety Instrument Tube Fitting, wireless sensor networks and wireless Instruments and other technology and high-end products. In these new technologies and new products, the gap between domestic enterprises and foreign countries is relatively large. If you do not take effective measures to catch up, there may be a new round of foreign product monopoly.