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The Working Pressure Of The Instrument Tube Fitting And Its Regulator

Instrument Tube Fitting because it does not need other external energy sources such as power, air, only the energy of the media itself to drive, both energy saving and environmentally friendly, easy to use, set the pressure after the installation can be put into the automatic operation, so the control accuracy Requirements are not high, but also the lack of power, gas source of the occasion, has been more and more widely used.

1, Instrument Tube Fitting work pressure

The working pressure of the Instrument Tube Fitting, the requirements of the pipe work pressure, without affecting the price under the premise of the valve can withstand the actual pressure should be greater than the actual pressure of the pipeline; valve closed on any side of the conditions should be able to withstand 1.1 times the pressure Value, without leakage; valve open conditions, the valve body should be able to withstand the requirements of double valve pressure.

2, the Instrument Tube Fitting regulator

Instrument Tube Fitting is the use of analog signal regulator, also known as analog instrument valve. It determines the deviation of the measured value of the controlled object parameter from the given value, the parker quick connector and generates an analog output signal according to a certain regulation to push the actuator to eliminate the deviation, keep the controlled parameter near the given value or press Changes in law.