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​The Reasons And Countermeasures Of The Opening Of Pneumatic Ball Valve After Installing

Pneumatic ball valve before installation, and other ball valve products are required to pipe equipment fluid channels and spherical impurities with compressed air out sweep clean, these impurities into the spherical and sealed seats will not only increase the pneumatic ball valve opening and closing torque, but also damage the seat. Whether it is pneumatic flange ball valve or pneumatic threaded ball valve is the cylinder and ball valve through the bracket and stem connected into a control valve system, stem is a long shaft, the size of the requirements of precision, so in the process of processing and hoisting, can not cause valve stem load deformation, valve stem deformation will also cause increased valve opening and closing torque, deformation particularly serious can not even open.

The trachea connection is correct, all connecting the trachea joint must not leak, if the air leakage will cause the drive compressed the pressure insufficient, but cannot open the pneumatic ball valve, may use the towel to dip the water in the tracheal joint Place detection, has the bubble to prove that has the gas leakage phenomenon. New installation of the Crown Ring brand pneumatic ball valve, whether it is pneumatic ball valve, especially pneumatic soft seal ball valve, because the seal valve seat and the ball did not grind, just opened several times the friction is relatively large and caused unable to open, this can be in the pressure range of the cylinder allow, increase the pressure of compressed air source, turn off several times after the valve seat and sphere after several running-in, and then the compressed air pressure adjustment to normal pressure range can smooth open and close pneumatic ball valve.

Pneumatic ball valve has the characteristics of rapid opening and closing, remote operation, remote control and economic application, and is often used in the piping and installation of industrial automation system. Although the newly installed pneumatic ball valve is passed by the factory, but in the use of the debugging process is often unable to open and close the situation, to the pneumatic ball valve debugging brings many inconvenience, so the field technical personnel have to understand the familiar pneumatic ball valve can not open and close the cause and solution, help solve the problem.