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The Manufacturing Process Of Threaded Pipe Fitting

Threaded Pipe Fitting are Threaded Pipe Fitting. Commonly used in water and gas pipes, small diameter pipes, compressed air pipes and low pressure steam pipes. With a threaded pipe end connected to the pipeline. Thread can be coated with the appropriate adhesive (such as thick white paint, lead oxide glycerin glue, etc.) to ensure that the seal.

The production process of the Threaded Pipe Fitting is mainly made by hot-rolled straight seam welding, spiral double-sided submerged arc welding, forging, forging, IF pushing, cold forming, hot extrusion and so on. The maximum processing diameter of the pipeline is 2020mm. Supply of pipeline and fittings wholesale / procurement and supply of chromatographic accessories / supplies wholesale / procurement and supply Chromatograph wholesale / procurement products are widely used in municipal, petrochemical, West-East, ship and nuclear power engineering areas, the design processing capacity of 2500 Million tons. 2010 above-scale enterprises to achieve industrial added value of 13 billion yuan, an increase of 31.7%, accounting for all enterprises above designated size 16.1%. Cangzhou pipeline equipment manufacturing industry is the "three on" (on the scale, on the level of equipment) and the "three high" (high-end, high pressure, high value-added) goal, urging pipeline equipment manufacturing capacity of 30 million tons. Cangzhou will become well-known at home and abroad, "pipeline equipment manufacturing and R & D base" and "pipeline equipment".

"Eleventh Five-Year Plan" infrastructure investment has been chess to the plate, roads, railways and other infrastructure construction investment growth and the growth of ordinary civil construction investment, so that the construction industry is in the boom up stage. At the same time, in the construction of energy-saving society and the country to strengthen the capacity of independent innovation in the context of energy conservation and technological innovation theme will be the development of the industry hot.