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The Instrumentation Valves Are Classified According To Their Different Functions

Jul 04, 2017

According to the role of different instruments, Instrumentation Valves can be divided into the following categories:

According to the use can be divided into: cut-off valve, check valve, safety valve, three valve group, regulating valve, diversion valve.

According to its use in the nominal pressure can be divided into: vacuum valve, low pressure valve, medium pressure valve, high pressure valve, high pressure valve.

According to the normal use of the working temperature classification can be divided into: ultra-low temperature valve, low temperature valve, room temperature valve, the temperature valve, high temperature valve.

According to the different ways of braking can be divided into: automatic valve, automatic valve is divided into (safety valve, pressure reducing valve, trap, check valve, automatic control valve); drive valve, drive valve can also be based on different power sources Divided into (electric valve, pneumatic valve, hydraulic valve, pneumatic valve, electric valve), manual valve.

According to the fluid through the instrument diameter of the valve can be divided into: small diameter Instrumentation Valves, the diameter of the Instrumentation Valves, large diameter Instrumentation Valves, large diameter Instrumentation Valves. According to the shape of the Instrumentation Valves structure can be divided into: cut-shaped, cock-shaped, plug valve, swivel valve, butterfly row, slide valve line.

According to the Instrumentation Valves and other pipe fittings can be divided into different ways: thread connection Instrumentation Valves, flange connection Instrumentation Valves, welding connection Instrumentation Valves, clamp connection Instrumentation Valves, card sets connected Instrumentation Valves, folder connection Instrumentation Valves.

According to the material used to manufacture the Instrumentation Valves is divided into; metal materials, Instrumentation Valves, non-metallic materials, Instrumentation Valves, metal valve lining Instrumentation Valves.

There are many other types of valve type, but it is also applicable to three valves, gate valves, throttle valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, plunger valves, plug valves, Valves, safety valves, pressure reducing valves, steam traps and so on.