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The Difference Between Needle Valve And Open Type

Jul 04, 2017

Differentiation between Needle Valve Hot Runner and Open Hot Runner

In many hot runner suppliers when the customer chooses the hot runner system, it will ask the customer whether to choose an open or needle valve. Which sometimes will be based on product materials and all aspects of the property directly suggested that customers choose which?

Needle-type hot runner because it provides more processing program control, in order to accurately adjust the injection molding process is more suitable for precision plastic parts, products require a higher product, after the completion of injection automatically closed. Needle-type hot runner system has a single point needle valve, multi-point needle valve, gas seal needle valve, hydraulic needle valve, sequential needle valve and other products available for users to choose. Needle valve hot mouth can control the opening and closing time And order, for a product with multiple hot mouth in the case of adjusting the heat between the mouth of the glue balance and the control of the location of the water line are very useful.

Arnold needle valve hot runner system works is: the hot mouth and hot runner plate installed in the injection mold, the use of the principle of heating, so that plastic from the injection molding machine barrels after the cartridge is always kept molten state. Thermostat is the use of thermocouples to control the system nozzle and manifold temperature of the heater, so that the plastic to maintain the best melting state, so as to control the temperature in the hot runner system role. Hot runner pouring system that is no channel pouring system refers to the product after stripping only the product itself without pouring system coagulation material, with this gating system die called hot runner system. Spring needle valve nozzle does not require hydraulic or pneumatic external drive device, but the use of injection pressure and spring force to achieve the automatic nozzle nozzle switch, the reliability of its action is based on the needle and the shuttle shuttle with a high-precision base Above. Typically, the needle valve type hot runner system consists of three sectors - the hot runner plate, the nozzle and the thermostat.

Arnold open hot runner is simple, suitable for micro-semi-hot runner, not suitable for adiabatic runner, adiabatic flow channel on the material of the high, and direct contact with the product surface, prone to drawing and leakage, poor surface quality ; Micro-semi-hot runner does not touch the product but access to the tiny flow channel, so you can use the open hot nozzle, in the foreign high-precision molds in the application of more. Open hot runner is not without any advantages, into the plastic volume, simple structure, easy installation, for some of the appearance of the product requirements are not very high, side of the plastic products and molds are his advantages.