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The Correct Use Of Three Valves

Three valves is made up of three communication consists of three valves. According to the role played by each of the valves in the system can be divided into: left is the high pressure valve, low pressure valve on the right in the middle of balancing valves. Valves are used with differential transmitter, the effect is positive and negative pressure rooms with impulse conduction or disconnected; or disconnect the negative pressure measuring Chamber or conducting.

Main function: is at the time of installation and removal, need to balance valve. otherwise, the differential pressure range is very small, if manufacturers overload capacity is not strong, it is easy to damage.

Lift a simple of example: if poor pressure is 60KPa, pipeline pressure is 1MPa of when, if no balance valve, regardless of first take are pressure room also is negative pressure room, will immediately led to on both sides poor pressure far over set value. because first take of that party will directly and atmosphere communicates, equivalent to 0.1MPa, such operation is fatal of. three valve group by valve body, and two a as valve and the a balance valve composition.

Differential pressure transmitter put into operation procedure: first of all, open the differential pressure transmitter last two drain valve, and then open the balancing valves, and then slowly open the valve of the two, press the guide tube or dirt out of the air, closed two sewage valve, close valve, transducers can be put into operation. Differential pressure transmitters the zero point calibration procedure: first open the balancing valves, close the two valves, you can zero the transducer calibration.