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The Best Way To Use Electric Ball Valve Is To Analyze Engineering Environment First

According to the site facility Engineering control requirements, for the electric ball valve, the main control function of the work is done by the electric device. The key purpose of using the electric ball valve is to realize the non manual electrical control or computer control of the valve opening, closing and adjusting linkage. The current use of electric devices is not just to save manpower. Because the function and quality of the products of different manufacturers are really quite different, Shanghai Crown Ring Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of electric ball valve is the industry's high quality high-precision high standards of first-class products, welcome to buy our factory specializing in the production of valve products, therefore, the choice of control function of the electric device actuator and the selection of valves for project use is equally important

Electric ball valve In addition to paying special attention to the pipeline parameters, but also need to pay special attention to the environmental conditions of its work, because electric valve in the electric device actuator is a mechanical and electrical equipment, its working conditions affected by its working environment has a direct impact.

In general, the use of an electric ball valve in the working environment is as follows:

1, indoor piping and equipment installed or have protective measures for outdoor use;

2, outdoor installation, wind, sand, rain, sunshine and other erosion;

3, with flammable, explosive gas large-scale or dust environment;

4, wet tropical, dry tropical area environment;

5, the pipeline medium transmission temperature is up to 480 Shan above;

6, ambient temperature below-20 Shan;

7. Susceptible to flooding or immersion in water;

8, with radioactive material (nuclear power plant on-site project and radioactive material test equipment) environment;

9, the ship on the Power device connection or dock dock (salt mist, mold, damp) environment;

10. Boilers with severe vibration.