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Instrumentation Valves Standard System Is Divided Into?

Although China has a unified standard Instrumentation Valves series, but gradually can not meet the needs of Instrumentation Valves industry development. At present, the Instrumentation Valves factory generally use a unified numbering method; can not use a unified number method, the production plant according to their own situation to develop a number method. But in general, the manufacturers of the preparation method must be in the national Instrumentation Valves standards and the preparation of the case. Instrumentation Valves standard system is divided into large categories, small class, three series of levels.

The first layer of the "valve" category of standards, is a common basis for the standard, is a comprehensive standard for all types of valves and valve drive device. Mainly: GB / T21465-2008 ((valve terminology)}; GB / T 24919-2010 "industrial valve installation and maintenance of general requirements" and other standards. This layer of the standard number of small, only three.

The second layer is "industrial valves" and "drive" subclass. This level contains the standard to the basic standards, material standards, method standards and common product standards, component standards. The standard of the layer covers at least two series of products, the ball valve can not be included in the series of standard items are in this layer, about 89 items.

There are other types of valve type, but it is also applicable to gate valves, throttle valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, plunger valves, plug valves, check valves, safety valves for industrial piping , Pressure relief valve, trap and so on. Instrumentation Valves Definition Instrumentation Valves is a pipe accessory. It is used to change the flow path and the direction of the flow of media to control the flow of a transmission device.

1, Instrumentation Valves valve

Instrumentation Valves gate valve works: gate seal surface and the valve seat sealing surface smooth, smooth, consistent, processed into a very fit, tight seal. Gate through the stem on the mention, under pressure, the formation of conduction and turn on the media. It is in the pipeline to break the role.

2, the use of Instrumentation Valvess

(1) Turn on or cut off the media in the pipe. Such as gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, plug valve, diaphragm valve, butterfly valve and so on.

(2) to regulate and control the flow and pressure of the medium in the pipeline. Such as throttle, regulating valve, pressure reducing valve, safety valve and so on.