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Install The Instrument Tube Fitting Of The Five Major Points Of Attention

Sep 28, 2017

The Instrument Tube Fitting pipe should be purged to prevent the retention of ferromagnetic material in the pipeline attached to the instrument, affecting the performance of the instrument, and even damage the instrument. If it is unavoidable, the magnetic filter should be installed at the entrance of the instrument. The instrument itself does not participate in the gas before the operation, so as not to damage the instrument. Before installing the instrument into the process piping, remove all packing and check for damage to the transport. And open the shell, the fixed pointer to remove the filler.

Instrument installation of the valve is divided into vertical installation and horizontal installation, if it is a vertical installation, should ensure that the instrument center line perpendicular to the vertical line angle of less than 2 °, if it is installed horizontally, should ensure that the instrument level center line and horizontal The angle is less than 2 °

As the Instrument Tube Fitting is through the magnetic coupling transmission signal, so in order to ensure the performance of the instrument, installed around at least 10cm, does not allow the presence of ferromagnetic material. The upstream and downstream pipes of the instrument should be the same as the diameter of the instrument. The connection flange or thread should match the flange and thread of the instrument. The length of the straight pipe section of the instrument should be 5 times of the nominal diameter of the instrument and the length of the downstream straight pipe is 250mm.