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Import Instrumentation Valves Is A Pipe Accessory

Today, we will be through a set of data to explain the development of the Instrumentation Valves and its use of the classification, we hope to understand the relevant knowledge of the Instrumentation Valves have a certain understanding of it, then we look at it.

Last year 47%; to achieve cumulative product sales income of 80,571,055 thousand yuan, up 29.36% over the same period last year; total accumulated profits of 5,772,097 thousand yuan, up 44.16% over the same period last year. From January to August 2008, the total industrial output value of China's valves and cocks reached RMB 73,321,603,000, up 27.02% from the same period of last year. The accumulated sales revenue was RMB 70,451,147,000, up 27.27% from the same period of last year.

Import instrumentation valve is a pipe accessory. There are three sealing parts of the Instrumentation Valves: the opening and closing parts and the valve seat between the two sealing surface contact; packing and stem and stuffing box with the Department; valve body and the lid of the connection. One of the previous leak is called the internal leakage, which is usually said lax, it will affect the Instrumentation Valves cut off the media capacity. For the cut-off valve class, the internal leakage is not allowed. After the two leaks called leakage, that is, the media leak from the valve to the valve outside. Leakage will cause material loss, pollution of the environment, serious will cause accidents. For flammable and explosive, toxic or radioactive media, leakage is not allowed, so the Instrumentation Valves must have a reliable sealing performance.

Through understanding we know that its development is getting better and better, which we understand the Instrumentation Valves should have a new understanding of it