3 Valve Manifold

Controlled by a group of needle valves made of stainless steel. The function of each valve (pressure-shutting off,pressure drainage or pressure balancing) is determined by its definite position on the manifolds. All these functions are undertaken by two kinds of needle valves: needle valves with big bonnet are used for the manifolds with nominal diameter of 0.156in (4.0mm), and needle valves with small bonnet are used for the manifolds with nominal diameter of 0.125in (3.2mm).

Product Details

Order Informationinlet/process interfaceoutlet/instrumentmeasure port /drainage port


Order Informationinlet/process interfaceoutlet/instrument
-JFG3B1-LW8-D1/2”NPT femalecoplanar flange
-JFG3B2-SK6-D3/8”XYG-SK(LOK)coplanar flange


Order Informationoutlet/instrumentmeasure port /drainage port
-JFG3T-LW8-Dcoplanar flange1/4"NPT female


Order Informationinlet/process interfaceoutlet/instrumentmeasure port /drainage port
-JFG3G-FG-Dcoplanar flange
coplanar flange
1/4"NPT female






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