Split Bonnet Straight Needle Valve with Ferrule

A dust-proof cap is supplied on the top of the stuffing box gland which can protect the stem thread from the outside impurities. The stuffing filling is under the thread to effectively protect the lubricating grease from being brushed away. The core and the stem is of lapped joint with the functions of up sealing. Vertical hard sealing is used between the core and the body, also between the seat and the body. Non-rotational ball-shaped stem head and adjustable stem head can be supplied. Operating pressure can be up to 6000PSI(413bar). Operating temperature -53 to 232℃(-65 to 450℉) for PTFE sealing -53 to 649℃(-65 to 1200℉) for graphite sealing.

Product Details

Order infotmation  End Connection SizeHole DiameterFlow coefficient CvAHF
—JFT1—SK—41/46.350.174.40.372.40 61.0 3.39 86.0 1.75 44.4 
—JFT1—SK—63/89.520.256.40.732.7670.0 3.4688.0 2.2356.6 
—JFT1—SK—81/212.70.379.51.82.9976.0 3.5490.0 2.563.5 
—JFT1—SK—6mm0.2460.174.40.372.36 60.0 3.39 86.0 1.75 44.4 
—JFT1—SK—8mm0.3180.256.40.732.6868.0 3.3986.0 2.2356.6 
—JFT1—SK—10mm0.39100.256.40.732.7670.0 3.4688.0 2.2356.6 
—JFT1—SK—12mm0.47120.379.51.82.99 76.0 3.54 90.0 2.50 63.5 
—JFT1—SK—14mm0.55140.379.51.82.9976.0 3.5490.0 2.563.5 

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