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What is the cut-off valve

Oct 28, 2016

Globe valve discs are disc shaped, sealing surface flat or conical surfaces, valve flap along the center line for linear motion of the fluid. Stem forms of exercise, lift rod (valve lift and handwheel does not lift), also lift rotary type (hand wheel rotation vertically reciprocation with the stem and nut located on the valve body). Globe valve applies only to full open and full closed, does not allow for adjusting and throttling

Globe valve mandatory sealing valve, so when the valve is closed, you have to put pressure on the disc, to force the sealing surface from leakage. When the discs below to enter six o'clock, the operation strength is required to overcome the resistance, is the valve stem packing friction with the thrust generated by media pressure, close the valve more than open the valve, so the diameter of the stem or stem bending failure occurs. In recent years, from the closed valve after the valve media flow from over the disc of the valve Chamber, under media pressure, close the valve force, and open the valve force, stem diameters can be reduced. Meanwhile, in the presence of media, this type of valve is also more closely. China valve "three" provisions, valve flow are used from top to bottom

Valve is open, the valve opening height, when nominal diameter 25%~30%, flow has reached the maximum, valve to full open position. So the valve to full open position should be decided by the disc trip