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Globe valve

Oct 28, 2016

Valve stem axis perpendicular to the valve seat sealing surface. Open or close the valve stem travel relatively short.

As valve of valve flap once in opened status, it of valve seat and valve flap sealed surface Zhijian, on no longer contact, thus it of sealed surface mechanical wear smaller, due to most as valve of valve seat and valve flap, compared easy repair, replaced sealed components Shi, without put whole valve, from pipeline Shang split down, this for, valve and pipeline welding into one of occasions, is is for of. These characteristics makes the globe valve is for, cut off or adjust the throttle and use of the medium.

Media through such valves, flow direction changes. Therefore, the valve flow resistance, more than any other valve.

Commonly used valves, are as follows:

1, the angle stop valve

Angle stop valves, fluids just changed direction so that, through the pressure valves, smaller than the general structure of the valve.

2, DC type globe valve

DC-, or y-pattern globe valve body flow slashes with the sprue, flowing State of damage, smaller than the conventional valves, thus, the pressure loss through the valve, and correspondingly small.

3, plunger globe valve

This type of valve is that conventional valve variants. In the valve, valve flap and valve seats are usually based on principle of piston design. Disc Grinding Cheng Zhusai is connected with the valve stem seal is set in, two elastic sealing of plunger coil.

Two elastic rings separated by a ring, and through a valve cover nut, the load exerted on the valve cover seal around the piston rings fasten. Elastic sealing ring can be replaced, and can be made of various materials, the valves are mainly used for "on" or "off", but have a special form of a plunger or a special ring, can also be used to regulate the flow.